Building Tours
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Building Tours


The City Hall and Courthouse is home to an abundance of local history and urban legend. Discover amazing facts about the building on a tour led by one of our volunteer docents. Tour highlights include the seven-ton Father of Waters statue, the five-story Rotunda adorned with stained glass windows, the recently renovated City Council Chambers, grotesques peering out from around the Rotunda elevator doors, the Lillian Cross tile, and million-year-old fossils.

Regularly scheduled building tours are offered the third Wednesday of every month beginning at 12 noon by the Father of Waters.

If you would like to explore the building on your own, stop by the security desk in the rotunda and ask for a self-guided tour brochure.

Tour Guides Needed!
Are you interested in learning more about the City Hall and Courthouse building?  Do you want to share that knowledge with others?

The MBC is looking for volunteer tour guides to lead the monthly scheduled tours. Call 612-596-9518 or e-mail for more information.