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Historic Photos
Construction of the City Hall and Courthouse building was a feat to say the least. Huge blocks of granite -- some weighing as much as 26 tons each -- were transported by train from Ortonville, Minnesota. The downtown Minneapolis landscape also has changed significantly since the building's inception in the late 1800s. As time has passed and events have occurred, the building has endured as a lasting icon for Minneapolis and Hennepin County. Peruse the historic photo archive for a look into the founding and life of the City Hall and Courthouse as well as some close-ups of key building features.

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Interior View of Clock Face.  
A view of a clock from inside the clock tower during the installation of a new clock face. Original Cathedral Courtroom.  
The main courtroom, located on the third floor of the City Hall and Courthouse, matched the city council chambers in its grandness. Designed in the Arts and Craft style imported from Britain, it reflected the overall look of the building emphasizing the acanthus leaf motifs, coffered ceilings and large arches. Clock Tower Elevator.  
A glance inside the clock tower elevator dated c. 1955 taken for a local newspaper. The elevator still exists today as seen in this photograph accommodating three to four people in very small and confined area for a ride that is equivalent to 13 stories.  Arch Bridge with City Hall and Courthouse in Distance.  
A view of the clock tower, seen in the upper left corner from the Arch Bridge connecting Minneapolis to St. Anthony.
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